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View LargerAUGUST 25 - SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 Inhabitable: The Sense of City

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Fall Semester, 2014

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Inhabitable: The Sense of City

With examples from the Turner Print Collection selected and written about by students in a Spring 2014 Humanities class and their instructor, Dr. Laura Nice, this exhibition highlights the consequences of and the tension between the rural and urban experiences as central to modernity.  In this year celebrating Janet Turner, this exhibition honors her dedication to using the collection to enhance learning in—and beyond—the classroom.

Curator’s talk:  Thursday, August 28, 5:30 pm in Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall; reception follows at the Turner

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Legacy: Janet Turner - Artist, Mentor, Teacher

Continuing the centenary celebration of Turner’s birth in 1914, this exhibition presents her prints inspired by her Chico years. Also included is a selection of her students’ prints that she obtained to be part of her collection. The exhibition celebrates Turner’s historic contributions to the education and training of artists and to the promotion of printmaking as an art form as well as her pioneering role as a female printmaker.

Curator’s talk: Thursday, October 16, 5:30 pm in Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall; reception follows at The Turner

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Together/Divided: A Couple Curates
Guest Curators David Hopper and Shari Maxson Hopper

Well-known local artists, collectors and art supporters, David Hopper and Shari Maxson Hopper will reconnoiter the Turner Collection for the first time. Independent of each other, they will select what appeals to them aesthetically, and their selections will be combined for one exhibition. As well-traveled art viewers with a long history in the arts, they are sure to provide a surprising and unique vision of the Turner Collection.

Curator’s talk: Thursday, November 6, 5:30 pm in Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall; reception follows at The Turner

Spring Semester, 2015

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New Work/New Artist II
National Print Competition Solo Exhibition Award Winner, Kathy Aoki

Anne Collins Goodyear, the juror for the 10th Turner National Print Competition, Pushing Boundaries|Expanding Horizons, selected San Francisco Bay Area artist Kathy Aoki as an artist deserving a solo exhibition. For this exhibition the artist has the chance to create a new body of work for a specific setting. With this open invitation to create, the artist has an unprecedented prospect of exploration, engagement and conceptual expansion.

Artist’s presentation: Thursday, January 29, 5:30 pm in Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall; reception follows at The Turner

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Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Animals: Fun, Fantastic, Fierce

Animals as subjects crop up repeatedly in the Turner Collection. Janet Turner herself was known for her prints of birds of our region, but she was not averse to sketching a house cat or even monkeys at the zoo! This exhibition includes works with a variety of interpretations, from the culturally significant to the truly kitschy.

Curator’s talk: Thursday, March 12, 5:30 pm in Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall; reception follows at the Turner

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APRIL 23 – MAY 13
20th Juried Student Print Exhibition & 13th Ink/Clay

Highly anticipated, this juried exhibition displays the outstanding creative work by current CSU Chico printmaking students under the direction of art professor Eileen Macdonald. The juror, a professional in printmaking from outside the Chico State Art and Art History Department, not only chooses the work to be exhibited but also the award-winning prints that will become part of the Turner’s student collection. Of course, we will once again invite and celebrate the link printmaking has with ceramics in the Ink/clay part of the exhibition.

Awards presentation with the University Art Gallery and the Art Education student exhibition, Thursday, April 30, 5:00 pm in Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall. Receptions follow at The Turner, the University Art Gallery in Trinity 100, and the BMU 3rd Floor Gallery.

Both Semesters

Ayres Hall

These small exhibitions, geared toward curriculum developed by Turner curatorial interns, may reflect university themes as well as the Humanities Center theme of "Food and Culture.”